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My Admin applications
Big Grin 
Hello my name is James Wickings and ever since i have been on your gmod server i have had a fantastic time but sadly i have seen not that much admins on the server witch is kind of allot when i play and the server kind of goes into chaos and the reason why i would like to become a admin is i want to stop people messing up the server because if that happens not allot of people will play it so what then could happen it could die and a server i love will no longer be playable so when i'm admin i will be kind at first but if people rdm rda lock people inside houses the list goes on so please at least look at this i just don't want the server to die and if you do say yes and let me be admin here is my steam profile so please consider it.
Erm, there is a template for staff apps.

If you don't follow the template, you probably will get denied.
Didn't Follow the Template

(Kevin gave me permission to denie cause he is too lazy to tab out the game)
[Image: 1452212716631.jpg]

[Image: retarded-ninja-300x215.jpg]

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