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Appeal unban Jon snow
name of admin: kevin conrad (thats what his name is I think)

rp name: jon snow
steam id: Blank Morgan Freeman
reason for banned: rdm, abusing character
length: permaban
screenmessage during my connection:
I was being a ss soldier and I saw people making meth in a house so I wen in there to catch them but instead they killed me through their window so I came back trying to catch them but it was a 1v3(later 4). I switched to ss scientist to deal some stuff and also went to their house but they kept killing me for no reason while i didnt even have a gun. I asked for a admin to explain me why they rdm me and how they can kill me through their walls but no one reacted. so i switched to jew weopon dealer, picked a flamethrower and tried to kill them and then kevin saw me and I was so angry I disconnected. and I didnt (still dont) understand why a admind doesnt react when i ask help. It just really felt unfair.

thanks for reading Jon snow
Sou ... No.1 it was a 1vs2 ... (i was the JEW Cock) No2. they did not killd you through the window he was bihinde a house No3. i did not see any report´s No.4 you wher a resistance Supplier ... and you just A-RDM them / NLR ......... next time call an admin / Wait for a admin and do not break the server rules (if they are doing RDM/NLD why ar you doing it ) accepted
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