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Lenny McLennington Report
Your Name: Houseduck 

Your SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:78193849

Name of the admin: Lenny McLennington

The admins steamIDSTEAM_0:0:151638830

How did the admin abuse: Well first off, i don't have proof of this, but he for a short period had 884 million dollars, i checked via the Profile Info or whatever it's called in the tab menu. He then, after i accused him of doing it, dragged me into a sit for no reason, froze me and told me that i couldn't accuse him of doing admin abuse because he was apparently the highest rank on the server. Other than "Founder". He also started dragging around with mine ores in the mine zone.

[Image: retarded-ninja-300x215.jpg]
The dragging ore was an accident because my mouse kept disconnecting from my computer. I said you couldn't accuse me of abusing rp_setmoney because it was not abuse. I cannot even use rp_setmoney which is what you accused me of doing. I was using the money to refund people only and left it there because I forgot about it and was not even RPing.

edit: the thread wasnt closed when i started writing this oops

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