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Mutes Staff App
Steam Name: Mute

Your Full Real Name: Prefer to not answer

Ingame Name: Mute

What is your Timezone?: CET

What is your age?: 15

What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:94358636

A few words about you and your personality: Im a cool guy and special, at least thats what my mom says

How many hours do you have on ProximityGaming? (24 Hour Minimum): A few hours on this server, and maybe a few days before it shut down earlier this year

How many hours can you be on per day? (4 Hour Minimum): I can play 4 hours everyday unless I have schoolwork

Do you have a microphone?: No but Jewsie said I have permission to type

You will have to answer the following questions orally! Or ask and SA+ to type the Vocaroo part.

You will need to go to the website:, and click the button "Click To Record" and then answer the following questions orally, record them separately.

A little Information about yourself: I like videogames, which is basically the only thing that im moderatley good at, and overall a relaxed and layed back person.

Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff because I want to aid the server in any possible way I can, and possibly lower the amount of rulebreakers on it.

What can you bring to the staff team?: I can bring professionalism to the staff team and be serious when needed to, also to judge fairly and not abuse my powers or be power hungry in any way, aid all the players and staff on the server in any way possible and be very active.

What experience do you have?: I have been moderator on a previous server Jewsie owned (an SCP RP server) and thats about it, I also know the basic LUA commands

Why you and not someone else?: I can be active a lot of the time and aid in any way possible.

If "Dave Storey" was reported of RDM and FailRP what would you do?: I would bring the person who reported him and David himself to a private area, asking the person who reported him how he failRPd and RDMd, then ask Dave his side of the story, check the logs and decide if he is in the wrong or not, I would also check his previous offences before making a decision of how long to ban him if he is in the wrong.

If you caught another Moderator abusing their powers what would you do?: Take screenshots for evidence and report it on the forums or to higher ups.

Additional comments: Rate five stars or hitler will haunt your dreams

Other (Number of bans, worries etc. ..) *: 0 

Steam * Nickname: Mute
You didn't answered the questions orally, so me and Artan are inviting you to the Official Discord of this Server.
The meeting would be around 1 - 2pm CEST if this is okay for you.
[Image: retarded-ninja-300x215.jpg]
Im free right now if you want to talk, but tommorow also works for me Big Grin
It has been decided that we (the Staff Team) cannot accept you right now without a Mic, because it only bring up problems.
But as soon as you get one we can use this App for another meeting.
[Image: retarded-ninja-300x215.jpg]

The Omega: Microphone is not a required thing/ thats why ... i have to talk to him
[Image: retarded-ninja-300x215.jpg]

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