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An Inquiry About the Server
Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to the server and also to roleplaying on GMOD - could anyone be kind enough to give me a run down on what exactly to do?

Is there anyway to rank up from just being a Jew?

What is money used for in the server?


First, Welcome to the server and welcome to the forum, Uncle Mengele. I'm going to give you a short description about AuschwitzRP.

Well that is a rp about the concentration camp of auschwitz and you need be like if that was the real life.

You start when you join for first time as lvl 1 and you can lvl up for get access to other jobs, for obtain xp the fastest way is mine cooper with the "pick axe" but you can do other things like chooping, or be jew oil and sell oil for get money and xp, also You can donate for lvl up and etc...

Here the money be used for plant seeds, for buy weapons, for buy doors, a box, oil driller, materials for make meth and get money, also there is a bet bot near from spawn, and for more things.

I wait I helped you, also if you have any question, you can post here and a user will answer you, or you can contact a staff member in game writting in chat @.

I recommend you check the rules, you can check in-game writing on chat: !motd or with that link:

If you have any suggestions, you can post on "Suggestions" zone, in forum, and if on a future you want to apply for staff, we are recruting staffs, sp on a future when you have requeriments you can apply, in "Staff Applications" zone in forum.

There are a lot of things you can do on the AuschwitzRP server, and have a great time, always respecting the rules and the people.

I wait you enjoy the AuschwitzRP server.

Seeya on Server Smile.


Lolo - Admin and Donator.

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