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Suggestion (New Class)
Hello I have some new Ideas:

1. SS-Sturmtruppe (SS-Stormtrooper)

He is equipped with a battering Ram and a STG-44 (because Sturmgewehr for Sturmtruppe)

He is a little bit Higher ranked than normal SS
He is able to play at Lvl 15. (Maximum 2)
He isn't allowed to use Battering Rams randome on every locked door he see.
He is only allowed to open the door if he, another SS or a Jew report that someone doing illegal Stuff in his house.

2. Maybe there is a way to add an class for Ressistance and SS that can spawn barriers (actualy Ressistance spawns food kiosk etc to make a barricade).

3. Maybe you can add one or more Snipertower (Real Auschwitz had some).

4 And another idea is Spawns for each class(if its possible). For Example SS-Scientist spawns in his Lab or Jew Cook
in kitchen etc.

Best regards ALFAWOLF

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