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The "Introduction" of Hubert 'Wolfyo' K.
Hi there, My name is Hubert, I come from poland, My age is 16 and half, I am a long live gmod player and a Veteran.
I came to this "community" by the auschwitzrp server and its lack of staff and how much i had to cringe on the people that did break rules and dint even know how to break them properly i kinda cured thier brain cancer by making them leave and let the normal players play, uh so yeah main reason to register on this forum is to apply for staff rank and stop the cancer, cause the server looks nice it has players, and best of all its aushchwitz rp kek. (ftw i dont feel offended)

My english is at "somehow" state, if i made some typos just ignore it.

Anyways hi there.

(5k+ on gmod tho no one cares)
Hi Ranee, What diet and excersize did you follow, and how long did the loss take you?

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