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Application (Pimpaco Lizac, formerly Jure Vitez Francetic)
Steam Name: Dr. Kurco Lizac

Your Full Real Name: Matija Antolkovic

Ingame Name: Pimpaco Lizac

What is your Timezone?: GMT+2

What is your age?:18

What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:33837321

[b]A few words about you and your personality: I like messing around and reporting cunts.

How many hours do you have on ProximityGaming? (24 Hour Minimum): Not sure if I have 24 on this yet, but I had a lot more on the old server.

How many hours can you be on per day? (4 Hour Minimum): Is this a joke? I cant be 4 hours and I dont know why this is required because I can guarantee none of the staff will be on for 4 hours but I will be as much as I can.

Do you have a microphone?: yes

What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?: English gud yes is my strength

Why do you want to be staff? (Minimum Of 300 Characters): I've been staff before (Jure Vitez Francetic) and I want to be staff again because there is a lot of people breaking rules. Also because a lot of your new staff doesnt even fully know the rules which is ridiculous (hint: tell everyone they need to know the rules to be staff). I literally see people being moderators and admins and they say stuff like "isnt nlr 2 mins lol" so really I think you guys need to watch out before giving high ranks. I think I was head admin before the old server turned off for good but I knew all the rules word for word.

What can you bring to the staff team? (Minimum Of 150 Characters): Experience since I was a staff member on the old server for quite a while and I think I did my job pretty well, and I can see even when there is multiple staff online they still dont manage to do everything because there is a lot of rule breaking.

What experience do you have? (What servers you've been staff/are staff on): Just the old Auschwitz server, as I said I think my last rank before the server went down was head admin but I'm not sure.

Why you and not someone else?: Because I have already been staff on Auschwitz and know rules very well.

If "Dave Storey" was reported of RDM and FailRP what would you do?: Bring him and any witnesses to sit, check if the report is true and if it is then punish him.

If you caught another Moderator abusing their powers what would you do?: Report to higher ranked staff and record if I remember to do so.

Number of Bans/Warns: None

Best of luck with the new server whether you guys take me back or not.
Pimpaco Lizac/Jure Vitez Francetic
Because staff doesn't know about NLR, is because I just added the rule with NLR.
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Yeah, I realised that
Person who gets post number 200 wins

Congratz to Bonnie on last one, but I will win this on if this is the last thing I do
Reliable mt5 ea for reliable trading
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