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Staff Application - Mathias (Auschwitz RP)
Steam Name: Mathias, profile link:

Your Full Real Name: Matthias Mac 
What is your Timezone?: GMT + 1

What is your age?: 17

What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:119427505

A few words about you and your personality: I play guitar, and i'm generally quite laid back. 

How many hours do you have on ProximityGaming? (24 Hour Minimum): I have spent at least 30 hours on the server prior to all wipes, not sure about how it is right now.

How many hours can you be on per day? (4 Hour Minimum): Weekdays: 5/6 Weekends: 10 max 

Do you have a microphone?: Yes, Razer Kraken 7.1.

What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?: Strengths: Dedicated, devoted, hard working. Weaknesses: Generally too forgiving, but this also comes as a strength because if anyone does cross a line i am sure to resolve the situation as peacefully and with the least drama possible (While still giving out suitable consequences).

Why do you want to be staff? (Minimum Of 300 Characters): In short, because i like being involved. To be more specific, since i got my first ever rank on a server about a year ago i have thoroughly enjoyed the responsibilities and involvement in being staff on a server. I love getting involved in the community and trying to help out in any way i can, while also giving out the appropriate punishments for anyone who tries to ruin the community. As i mentioned in the previous question, i try to be as fair as possible while resolving issues and try my hardest to make sure both parties involved are happy with the outcome, and doing things like this makes me happier knowing i helped out. 

What can you bring to the staff team? (Minimum Of 150 Characters): Mainly I can bring my motivation for peaceful solutions. On previous servers if any staff disliked each other i would try my hardest to make them get along for the sake of the players. I'm not saying i think any of the staff dislike each other on this server, just using it as an example of what i could bring.

What experience do you have? (What servers you've been staff/are staff on): I have been Admin on this server about 6 months ago, since i believe the server shut down for a while and my PC broke so i was unable to continue playing. Also, about a year ago, i gained the rank as Trusted Admin on "BTRP MethRP" which was the most popular MethRP server at the time, which has unfortunately been shut down. 

Why you and not someone else?: Because i don't want to be staff because of the privileges, but because i want to help the server and be apart of the community. I believe this is what separates me from other applicants.

If "Dave Storey" was reported of RDM and FailRP what would you do?: I would bring the accused and the reporter to a suitable place (Admin Room etc.) and let them both say their side of the story. If i come to the conclusion that Dave did actually RDM and FailRP i would give him two warnings for each rule he broke. However, if Dave is behaving horribly during the admin sit and showing signs that he will continue breaking the rules i would kick him from the server and keep an eye out for him. 

If you caught another Moderator abusing their powers what would you do?: Try and record any evidence (Screenshots etc) then report him/her to the highest ranking staff member. 

Number of Bans/Warns: 0
Your application looks very good, we will look up to it.
[Image: giphy.gif]
(09-09-2017, 08:29 PM)Jewsie Pinkie Wrote: Your application looks very good, we will look up to it.

Welcome to the staff team
Join in game and teamspeak to get your rank

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