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Stalin's Staff application
Steam Name: ☭CCCP☭

Your Full Real Name: Tomislav Kranjcic

What is your Timezone?: UTC +02:00

What is your age?: I am 13

What's your SteamID?: My staem ID is

A few words about you and your personality: I am a boy, mostly intrested in WW2. I am from Croatia, meaning I speak multiple languages but I have no problem speaking and understanding English. I am currently a staff member on a prisonRP server (I am a moderator exactly), but still I have no problem being a staff member on both servers as I have a lot of time free on weekends and sometimes on working weeks.

How many hours do you have on ProximityGaming? (24 Hour Minimum): Around 7 hours (Got a permission to apply from Jacks Muhoff which is a Team Manager)

How many hours can you be on per day? (4 Hour Minimum): Around 4 to 5.

Do you have a microphone?: Of course I do.

What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?: I have no tolerancy on rule breaking meaning I will ban/kick/warn anyone who is needed. Weaknesses, huh? I can sometimes forgive people for minor rule breakings. I mean forgive by giving them a verbal warning.

Why do you want to be staff? (Minimum Of 300 Characters): Because there are a lot of people breaking the rules, and not all of them are taken care of. Many people mostly RDM or ARDM (Attempt RDM) others via pickaxe and with an axe which I am sick off. (+ the RP I witnessed when being interogated by a Camp guard and got killed by a scientist for no reason)

I love enforcing rules in servers I like to play in and to make sure everybody obides by the rules.

What can you bring to the staff team? (Minimum Of 150 Characters):

Firstly, I have experiance and I'm mature. As you can see I haven't broken a rule in 7 hours which is a good thing I think meaning I would have a low rate of rule breakings. I can handle stressful situations and I would never express my anger on other players, of course if OOC or in an admin sit. That shows I have self controls.

What experience do you have? (What servers you've been staff/are staff on):

I am a moderator on a PrisonRP server (If wish more information about the server please talk to me in-game or PM me on the forum as I will not share their website or name to respect the owners and not advertise), I was a superadmin on another server that is now not with us anymore as owner was basicly 10 and he basicly used his Mums credit card, and I was demoted for warning a man who Mass RDMed the whole server.

Why you and not someone else?: Hey, I am not saying I am the one to be picked and accepted. It is really the question about how the person who picks decides. All I say is I have experiance and I'm mature.

If "Dave Storey" was reported of RDM and FailRP what would you do?: I would bring the person that reported "Dave Storey" and "Dave Storey" himself, of course freezing "Dave" if I think he is a threat to the sit. After that I would go and freely ask what happened. When I hear both parties sides I would go check the logs what happened. If I see that "Dave" broke the rule and RDMed whoever reported him I would warn him and return him to his position.

If you caught another Moderator abusing their powers what would you do?:

I would closely record the moderator, and when I'm done I'd upload the video on youtube and make a staff report and talk to a senior admin.

Number of Bans/Warns: No warnings nor bans.
You haven't answered to what you will do if you see another moderator abusing..
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Cheers, and fixed.

(09-09-2017, 08:28 PM)Jewsie Pinkie Wrote: You haven't answered to what you will do if you see another moderator abusing..

Seems ok, We'll be talking about you should be accepted or not.
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(09-09-2017, 10:33 PM)Jewsie Pinkie Wrote: Seems ok, We'll be talking about you should be accepted or not.


Join the server and Teamspeak to recieve your rank.
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